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Treatments and Massages


Sun massage
Massage designed for our Villa Monte Solare guests, a mix of personalized massage techniques based on your needs, using olive oil to make the skin soft and velvety.
50 minutes €80

Couples massage
Relaxing, balancing massage done in the couples’ room, where you and your partner can share an exclusive experience.
50 minutes €160 (per couple)

Relaxing massage aimed at balancing body and mind. Combined with essential oils to energize the whole body, removing tension and stress
50 minutes €75

Olive oil massage
Massage that hearkens back to ancient spa traditions. Precious Umbrian olive oil regulates the skin’s natural hydration system.
50 minutes €80

This Indian practice offers a sense of general well-being as it counters stress and physical and mental overload
50 minutes €90

Wind in the Olive Groves
This ethereal, hypnotic massage restores psychic and physical balance, offering peace and serenity.
50 minutes €90

Deep massage that acts on the muscles through slow, deep kneading that improves joint mobility and relieves tension; an excellent restorative for athletes.
50 minutes €80

Stimulates the elimination of excess liquids using slow, fluid movements. Removes toxins from the body, wakes up the circulation, and re-oxygenates tissues.
50 minutes €75

Candle massage
A massage that’s a true sensory ritual. The beneficial properties of the oil envelop the body and relax the senses.
50 minutes €75

Craniosacral massage
Bioenergetic treatment that offers deep relaxation through manipulation of the cranium.
50 minutes €90

Gentle Thoughts massage
Massage of the head and face. Relaxes the nervous system, eliminates stress and fatigue. Improves concentration and relieves eye tension.
25 minutes €50

Partial massage
Massage designed to provide relief to a specific area of the body (choose back, legs or feet).
25 minutes €50


Villa Monte Solare Ritual
Treatment inspired by the fragrances and traditions of the land of Umbria. The mix of organic olive oil and aromatherapy essential flower oils combined with the hydrating action of aloe juice offers a pleasant ritual for face and body.
80 minutes €110

Etruscan Foot Ritual
Footbath with essential oils of mint followed by a sea salt scrub and massage with essential oils of juniper, for immediate foot relief.
25 minutes €60

Etruscan Body Ritual
Sea salt and honey scrub followed by olive oil massage, for hydrated, supple skin.
50 minutes €80


Monte Solare Relaxation
SPA admission with 50-minute relaxing citrus massage

Relaxation for 2
SPA admission with Couples Massage with glass of prosecco or wine (your choice)
€139 per person

Detox Green
SPA admission with 25-minute thermal scrub, 25 minute body massage and Detox tea
€99 per person

Energy Green
SPA admission with 25-minute energizing massage and Energy tea
€89 per person


Mei Beauty Anti-Aging
A very pleasurable, complete face treatment with specific anti-aging action.
The concentrated active ingredients in the combination serum and cream helps regenerate the skin and offers a true burst of energy and new vitality. Thanks to plant-derived Hyaluronic Acid and Colloidal Silver, the immediate effect is fresh, radiant skin.
An ideal treatment for all types of skin, any time of the year.
50 minutes €90

Mei Beauty Nourishing
A face treatment with powerful nourishing and revitalizing effects for dry, dehydrated skin. Delicate exfoliation prepares the skin for the serum, vitamin concentrate, and the soft, rich, macadamia oil-based cream with extract of helichrysum flowers. The very first application nourishes the skin and restores suppleness and radiance. Recommended any time of the year for dry, stressed and dehydrated skin.
50 minutes €80

Mei Beauty Detox
A treatment whose strength is based on powerful plant-derived ingredients that can restore and visibly improve impure, oily, or mixed skin. Exfoliation and mask are followed by a massage using specific creams rich with the extract of quebracho bark with its purifying, regenerating, and toning effect. Recommended for any time of the year, and ideal for men as well.
50 minutes €85

Mei Beauty Persian Rose
In cosmetology, Persian Rose is known to give the skin the same velvety texture as its petals. This treatment is based on the action of the precious essential oil of Persian Rose, expressed in all its intoxicating fragrance. Ideal for pale, delicate, reddened, or irritated skin. Also suggested for young skin to prolong its softness and radiance.
50 minutes €90


Mei Beauty Botanical
A special MEI treatment to eliminate the toxins that attack the skin every day: smog, harmful elements, and much more. Ideal for renewing and detoxifying the skin, with immediate toning and regenerating effects. The treatment consists of a Botanical Regenerating Peel with the absorbent power of Green Clay, Relaxing Oil with the power of Horsetail and its toning properties, and is completed with the marvelous action of Botanical Body Cream with its concentrated moisturizing, nourishing power.
50 minutes €90

Mei SPA Dolce Vita
Enveloped by the essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lemon, you’ll give yourself the gift of revitalized, soft and luminous skin, thanks to the synergetic power of refined MEI SPA products. The ritual begins with a Dolce Vita scrub with calibrated sugar micro-crystals, followed by a toning massage with citrus-based Balance oil and a smoothing, brightening application of Dolce Vita Sweet Orange cream for moments of unforgettable well-being.
50 minutes €90

Mei SPA Salt Treatment
A burst of new vitality through the detoxifying power of Sicilian sea salt, enhanced by the freshness of essential oils of Piedmont Peppermint and Pennyroyal, all in synergy with plant-derived extracts of Green Tea and Ginseng. This “green thread” runs through the Mei SPA Salt Treatment, with its general stress-relieving action combined with a toning and firming effect on the skin. Ideal for men as well.
50 minutes €85

Mei SPA Persian Rose
Roses bloom all year long with this exquisite body and face ritual. The essential oil of precious Persian Rose, native to the high plains of Iran, envelops the skin in a soft caress with a smoothing, brightening effect. Surrender to a harmonious massage enhanced by 8 natural MEI products, and the skin of both your body and face will truly bloom again.
80 minutes €110