In Le Muse Wellness & Beauty Farm

The SPA will be closed for refurbishment till May 2020. From June, your next experience will be even more memorable thanks to the new panoramic Spa with a breathtaking view on Umbria hills including indoor hydropool, panoramic sauna, steam bath and solarium.

Situated in the centre of our idyllic Italian gardens, Le Muse Spa is a heavenly sanctuary designed to provide guests with the ultimate experience in relaxation. Rich in history, the facility runs from the Limonaia; a beautiful space which can traced back to the 18th century.

Le Muse Wellness & Beauty Farm offers guests a number of luxury treatments to indulge the senses. From massage therapy to facial treatments, guests will leave our spa feeling fully replenished and truly at one with themselves.


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday - Friday: 14:30-19:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-19:00
  • Sunday: 10:00-14:00
  • Reservations are required to access the SPA facilities.


Le Muse Wellness & Beauty Farm

Surrounded by beauty, this luxury retreat aims to provide guests with a new sense of calm and relaxation. From the moment you enter the historic and serene surroundings, you will feel the stress of the modern world slip away and gradually regain your inner peace.

At our deluxe spa, we offer an array of facilities and treatments, all of which can be tailored to suit your needs. Featuring five massage rooms, a tepidarium, Turkish bath, hydrotherapy area and sauna, guests will receive the luxury treatment and pampering they deserve.


Pampering Facial Treatments

  • Essential Oil Treatment (45min, 80 Euro)
    This light facial massage offers the skin all important nutrients to maintain its natural vitality and balance. The essential oils are completely massaged into the skin eliminating signs of stress and impurities. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.
  • Benefits Of Rice Treatment (45min, 80 Euro)
    This treatment revitalises the skin with the virtues of rice. Three types of rice (purple rice from Thailand, black rice from China and brown rice) have excellent anti-oxidating effects, which are perfect for beautiful skin.
  • Wild Berry Treatment (45min, 80 Euro)
    Wild fruits are especially indicated for young and sensitive skin. The sweetness of the berries relieves, softens and protects the skin, offering elasticity and freshness.
  • Argan Oil Treatment (45min, 80 Euro)
    Argan oil is also called ‘desert gold’ as it is a natural oil extracted from the Argan tree. This ritual helps to moisture and nourishes the skin giving back its natural elasticity.


Relaxing and Sensuous Body Treatments

  • Thalasso Treatment (50min, 90 Euro)
    This treatment offers the beneficial virtues of the sea, clearing the skin giving back its natural compactness and brightness.
  • Antioxidating Clay And Green Tea Treatment (50min, 90 Euro)
    Revitalising antioxidating clay and green tea body treatment.
  • Mont Saint Michel Treatment (50min, 90 Euro)
    This treatment is unique as it uses mud from the Bay of Mont Saint Michel – the beneficial virtues offer a remodelling and hydrating synergy of body and soul.
  • Argan Oil Ritual (50min, 90 Euro)
    Argan oil is anti-aging and multi-action. It is composed by vitamin E, anti-oxidants and fatty acids. Especially the high percentage of vitamin E is essential in the anti-aging process of the skin.
  • Hammam Ritual (60min) --- not listed on price brochure
    Traditional well-being ritual with multiple perception, dedicated to the body. The Hammam assures a natural detox by transpiration, inhalation of balsamic aromas and the sheltering in an ambiance of total calm, soft sounds and relaxing perfumes. Body and mind are immersed in a magic atmosphere. Remove the tension and benefit of the effect of the savonnage with black soap, followed by a peeling with Kassa and a mask with Rassoul, which literally translated means “the stone that cleans”.
  • Chocolate Treatment (45mins, 70 Euro)
    Pure chocolate massage. Promotes serenity and moistures, nourishes and sweetens the skin.
  • Argan Oil Massage (45min, 75 Euro)
    Manual muscular treatment, offering energetic well-being from argan oil.
  • Ayurvedic Massage (45min, 90 Euro)
    Detoxifies and purifies the organism, dissolving muscle tensions and assisting relaxation.
  • Hot Stone Massage (45min, 70 Euro)
    Massage with warm stones placed on the Chakra points: reduces tension, harmonizes and rebalances.
  • Reflexology Massage (25min, 70 Euro)
    This massage of the feet stimulates the organs, glands and the body as a whole.
  • Facial Treatment (25min, 50 Euro)
    This classic relaxing facial treatment has lifting and toning effects, nourishing and softening the skin.
  • Partial Body Treatment (25min, 55 Euro)
    Manual muscular treatment, promoting oxygination and relaxation. You may chose which part is to be treated (legs, back, abdomen or face).
  • Full Body Massage (45min, 75 Euro)
    Manual muscular treatment, promoting oxygination and relaxation.


Relaxing Bathing Experiences & Packages

  • Le Muse Relaxing Bathing Experience (45mins, 30 Euro per person)
    For individuals or couples exclusive use, relaxation zone, tepidarium, turkish bath, sauna, themed shower.
  • Relax in Spa (80 Euro)
    1 Le Muse Relaxing Bathing Experience
    1 Full Body Massage
  • Argan day Spa (160 Euro)
    1 Le Muse Relaxing Bathing Experience
    1 Argan Oil Treatment (facial)
    1 Argan Oil Massage (body)
  • Day Spa per Ladies (180 Euro)
    1 Le Muse Relaxing Bathing Experience
    1 Mont Saint Michel Treatment
    1 Full Body Massage
  • Day Spa just for Men (180 Euro)
    1 Le Muse Relaxing Bathing Experience
    1 Wild Berry Treatment
    1 Full Body Massage


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