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Tours with Vespa through Umbria and Tuscany

Experience a revival of the famous film "Vacanze Romane" with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, but driving along the winding roads of Umbria and Tuscany. How to resist the wish to ride one of those fancy scooters, on a sunny day feeling the wind in your hair and simply enjoy life and this ideal scenario amidst the rolling hills of Umbria and Tuscany with stunning views that will make your excursion a unique experience.

We will take care of organising your holiday with a "Vespa" to drive directly from the hotel, a road book with detailed descriptions on the road and tourist attractions along the way. Make a leap back in time with a "Vespa" being the protagonist in this adventure between medieval towns, castles and abbeys as well as most appealing landscapes. The itineraries are well elaborated round trips starting from and bringing you back to Villa di Monte Solare with a maximum daily distance of 150 kilometres.

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Villa di Monte Solare

Via Montali, 7 - 06068
Tavernelle di Panicale (Perugia)
Tel. (0039) 075832376
Fax (0039) 0758355462
Partita IVA/C.F. 03319150540

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