The energy of the secret garden

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Easter and Relax in Umbria

Easter and Relax in Umbria

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SPA Easter Holidays

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Spring Wellness Break

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The energy of the secret garden

A massage amidst nature

In the park of Villa di Monte Solare under the shadow of century old trees and hidden by box and viburnum hedges are the invisible rooms of the secret garden.

Here in the open air, in one of the green spaces directed to sunrise, in the midst of the whispering of nature, the perfume of the plants, in harmony with the surrounding ambience you can try the benefits of the "Massaggio del sole".

The massage, for a single or a couple, is based on an exclusive protocol of our therapists: steady , fluent and soft movements together with a slight stretching and rolling provoke deep relaxation and help to recover your energetic balance. A very exclusive massage, a privilege for few, for those who are aware and those who want to become aware of the energy of the secret garden.

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Villa di Monte Solare

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